Clairvoyant Guidance Session

Hi,Nice To Meet You!

My name is Romana Lilly, I have been working as a clairvoyant medium professionally for over 15 years. 
My skills and passion are much more than just predicting the future. 
You will receive guidance where you are at now. I will relay messages to help you to keep moving forward in your life.
It is an in-depth reading I will read for you and then allow you the opportunity to ask questions at the end if I have not covered. (Which is normally unlikely!)  

I make the point in everything I do in my readings and teachings to come across clear to provide guidance and clarity that makes sense to each individual. 

I constantly educate myself and learn new processes in ways I can help my clients. 

With the innate intuitive abilities I have, I can connect with you in such a way, I know quite quickly how you process information and what would be the best approach for you to stop the overwhelm in your life if it is presenting in your energy during the reading to help you to continue in a positive way on your journey.

With experience and holistic training, I have developed my intuitive abilities to quickly find and understand blockages in people’s lives.

In a session with me you will receive messages that you need to hear RIGHT now.
Messages of guidance for you your path as well working with your guides and loved ones.




Session Specifics

Sessions are done 100% online. Location is not an issue! 

The session will take place on a platform called Zoom. ( Like Skype)

We will be able to see each other and connect with one another authentically just as if we were in the same room!

As I conduct the reading I will be drawing cards the whole time. I will be constantly relaying messages.

The session with me is one hour.

Investment is $150.00

FAQ -   Do I have to download Zoom? No, you will be sent a link in your booking confirmation to open on a desktop. How long have you been reading professionally? I have been reading professionally for 15 years this year! I have worked for leading Australian companies, within my own business online and at expos in Melbourne.  Can you connect with people who have passed over? Yes, I am a medium. I have connected many with loved ones in my 15 years of reading professionally. 

What other skills do you have?

I work with the body as a whole. I work with the body with a holistic approach. 

I am completely in awe of my Medium Reading with Romana. It was honest, comforting and life-changing. My daughter had a reading with her first, which I believe led me to her. Romana connected with my Mum who passed away 9 years ago. Who was and is a great love and light of my life. Romana new details about my life that were extremely personal. I now know through her reading that my mum was there trying to guide, support and love me through these personal experiences. I recommend Romana to anyone that is seeking spiritual guidance in any way shape or form. Thank you just isn't enough
The session with her was great! We got too deep wounds and confusions that had been lingering in my mind for a while, in a straight, informal yet to-the-point way. I got to resolve a few major issues in areas I had ignored. Great session and I greatly recommend her
You are just AMAZING! I'm still whirling from our session. Thanks so much for your clear and concise reading. It was the boost I needed to get clear. Your approach and practical guidance is awesome x
Thank you for an exceptional card reading - so insightful, with clear guidance that I not only understand but can turn into action. It feels so good to know you're on the right path - thank you for the direction.
I honestly cannot believe how accurate this reading was. I've never had a proper reading before, but I'm so so glad that I had the opportunity to hear about my future. Good things are coming because I've been waiting patiently. Thank you so much, would highly recommend!